Out with the Old & In with the New!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I recently wrote on social media that I felt lost in my blog. I also wrote about a big change happening to my blog. So let me explain; this year will mark my 4th year in blogging, which is pretty awesome! But to be honest I haven't really been completely happy with my blog. I have grown as a writer so my posts aren't the problem. I kept changing the design of my blog but, I still wasn't completely satisfied. Then it hit me recently, I wasn't happy with my blog url or the name. They don't match each other, it's obvious. When I first started out I had no idea what I was doing. Jerseygirl1216 was my screen name for YouTube. So I decided to make it my url. The name makes sense because it's about me but, as a url it's not working anymore. I have outgrown it. On my blog I talk about change and how I'm afraid of it, well this is an example. But I feel it's for the best although, I'm a little emotional.

I will also be changing my Facebook name and url to match my blog! So the only time you'll see the name jersey girl is on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! I refuse to change that! My new blog name will be "Pieces of Ashley" and it's refreshing for me. I have also decided to get my blog organized. I have a journal to write all of my post ideas and I have a planner. I realized I do need a little assistance! I hope you guys stay on this journey with me. I'm so excited for this new chapter of mine. I have become more confident, because of blogging and I want it to show. I want you all to feel like my blog is a place to hang with me and talk. So I will adding 2 new series on my blog, "Throwback Thursday and Late Night Chat"! Don't worry if you know and you read my blog a will have a redirect link for you to click on. For the next week or two I will refer you to my new blog. I'm still new to this. As a disclaimer "I am not deleting my blog I've worked to hard on it, I'm just changing it name/ url". So if you're a reader of mine, don't be confused if you see a different name, it's still me!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I would also appreciate it, if you shared this post so everyone will know. Thank you for reading!

New blog:  Pieces of Ashley